Hipster H2O Pomade (Combo)

Hipster H2O Pomade (Combo)

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 Experience the ultimate in hair styling convenience with Hipster H2O Pomade. This innovative liquid pomade is designed for effortless application and provides a strong hold that keeps your hairstyle in place all day. Perfect for men on the go, Hipster H2O Pomade comes with an easy-to-use comb applicator, ensuring a mess-free and precise styling experience.


Extreme Strong Hold: Maintains your hairstyle throughout the day without any hassle.

Easy Application: Liquid formula with a comb applicator makes styling quick and clean.

Shiny Finish: Adds a healthy, glossy sheen to your hair for a polished look.

Long-lasting: Keeps your hair looking fresh and styled from morning till night.


Preparation: Start with dry or damp hair for best results.

Application: Use the comb applicator to apply a small amount of Hipster H2O Pomade evenly through your hair.

Styling: Comb through your hair to distribute the product, then style as desired. Use your fingers or a comb to shape your hairstyle.

Finishing Touch: Allow the product to set for a few minutes for a strong, lasting hold.


Slicked Back: Achieve a sleek, polished look with a shiny finish.

Side Part: Create a classic, clean-cut style with defined lines.

Pompadour: Add volume and shine for a modern twist on a timeless style.

Comb Over: Perfect for a neat and professional appearance.

Quiff: Style your hair with volume and a slight lift for a trendy, sophisticated look.

Undercut: Enhance the contrast between the short sides and the longer top with a sleek finish.


Hipster H2O Pomade is the go-to product for men who value style and convenience. With its strong hold, easy application, and versatile use, it's perfect for achieving a variety of modern hairstyles that last all day. 

Try Hipster H2O Pomade and experience the perfect blend of functionality and style.