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Hipster Pomade Original Line

The Hipster Pomade original line up is the pioneer product range produced by The Hipster Pomade ever since we established in the year of 2015. Our original pomade line up can be categorize into three different feels; fresh, sweet and somewhere in between.

Fresh: Apple, Mix berries and Grape

Sweet: Vanilla and Caramel

Fresh/Sweet: Honey Dew

Hipster Pomade Supreme

The newest in the The Hipster Pomade family is The Hipster Pomade Supreme. Everything is new about this line up. Upgraded formulation and fresher scent and of course it holds your hair faster than any other pomade line up with Anti-G technology. It comes with two different feels; red and blue. Blue version is formulated with ocean blue scent with and red version with cranberries scent.

Hipster Pomade Premium Line

The Hipster Pomade Premium pomade line up is the best pomade range The Hipster Pomade ever produced that consist of two Malaysia hot-selling pomade; The Hipster Pomade HERO and The Hipster Pomade Xtreme. Both pomade is formulated with high quality and premium ingredients and scent.

Hipster Pomade Hero is the scent of premium men’s perfume and extra strong hold give you the feel of VIP and glamour.

The Hipster Pomade Xtreme is a collaboration work with the champion of Fear Factor Malaysia, Hairul Azreen to capture the feel of extreme of the pomade. Formulated to provide extreme to the hair and Castor oil is added for Vitamin E nourishing to the hair while carry out extreme activities. The scent of amazon berries completed the formulation as the scent is the combination of mangoesteens and acai berries as the based.

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