Established in the year 2015, HIPSTER POMADE plans to lead and empower its presence in the local and international market as the NO 1 choice of men’s-grooming. Most current pomades or competitors in the market are imported and therefore offer a similar quality but at a much higher price point. HIPSTER POMADE not only meets the needs of the market but is also able to create a relatable identity for its user base by being home-grown.

Within just a year of business, HIPSTER POMADE has made its availability across the globe through the use of agents. The products are now available in Singapore, Brunei, and Egypt, Dubai, Turkey /Turkmenistan and all across Malaysia.

 Our Vision & Mission

“To be a trend-setter and source of inspiration to image-conscious men and women.”

We envision the brand as being a household name, with men and women from all walks of life wearing our products. This will give us the opportunity to expand into personal care products in the future and in turn, will help create employment for the community.