Hipster Pomade Vending Machine

If you're having any problem with vending machine, please follow steps below:
1) Take picture what is happening (error problem)
2) Please let us know the time that the problem occurs
3) Whatsapp us at clickheretowhatsapp
Don't know how to pick your Hipster Pomade? Let us tell you!

Hipster Pomade PREMIUM LINE!

Hipster Pomade Hero Ice Cool Hipster Pomade Hero Hipster Pomade Xtreme

"Cold as Ice"

A little twist to masculine scent with icy cool menthol freshness that will highlight the hero in you! l 

“Our best pomade so far”

Masculine scent with VIP feels. Strongest hold where it can hold up to 24hours. Water based and easy to wash-off (even wihout shampoo!).


Amazon berries formulated scent pomade chosen by Hairul Azreen give you an insight on how to be as extreme as Hairul Azreen! 

Hipster Pomade SUPREME LINE!

Hipster Pomade Supreme Blue Hipster Pomade Supreme Red


Latest The Hipster Pomade line up with premium perfume scent of ocean blue to amplify the aura in you! 


Latest The Hipster Pomade line up with supreme scent of cranberries to ignite the freshness in you! 

Hipster Pomade ORIGINAL LINE!

Hipster Pomade Mix Berries Hipster Pomade Apple


Mix berries scent give you the ultimate freshness throughout the day, somebody might ask you what perfume you used! 


Fresh apple scent with bubblegum layered base to ignite the freshness feeling to boost your daily routine. 

Hipster Pomade Grape Hipster Pomade Honeydew Hipster Pomade Caramel


Grape scent layered with modern scent of fresh mint that helps you to be the best version of yourself! 


Sweet and fresh scent of honeydew will embark the hip feeling to help you get through the day. 


Sweet scent of caramel will freshen up your day and do not freeze if your crush might notice you because of the sweet scent of caramel!